Ramadan Sorters For Sale

If you’re planning to sell Ramadan sorters this year, consider incorporating a charity aspect to appeal to millennials. Leonard Rego of Eleven777 Design & Advertising says that this will speak to your audience’s values, especially when targeting young Muslims. He points out that du’s 2007 campaign—where 18 fils for each SMS were donated to a local Muslim charity—was a huge hit with the audience.

A personalised Ramadan sorter is also a great gift for your family members. You can make one at home by gluing together cardboard shapes and using markers to write in flower patterns and Suhoor and Iftar times for each day of the month. Hang it on your wall to serve as a reminder of the fasting season and the importance of giving back to the community.

Another fun way to celebrate Ramadan is by adorning your home with beautiful lanterns. You can hang them on your mantel or wrap them up along the stair railings. These colourful lights are sure to create a festive atmosphere and make your Ramadan more memorable.

During Ramadan, many families hide a gift for their children to find on Eid day. You can do the same by having your family members write something they are grateful for every night of Iftar and putting it in a jar that you can bring out on Eid.

Mosques and Islamic centers in Minnesota are turning to zero-waste approaches for iftars and other gatherings to prevent overflowing trash bags and piles of uneaten food. The organizers are using recycled materials, making meals with ingredients that will be quickly consumed and limiting the use of disposables to avoid adding to waste. مفرزنات رمضان للبيع

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